Tiaré di Polinesia


Diffusers allow the essences to expand gradually into the atmosphere, allowing each singular note of the fragrance’s symphony to be appreciated.

fresh floral fragrance

A sensual cocktail of tiare flowers and the aroma of the sea will transport you to the turquoise lagoons of one of the most beautiful places in the world, French Polynesia, and you will feel the urge to take a vacation.

Bergamot, Aquatic notes, Pink pepper
Tiare bloom, Wild Jasmine, Tuberose
Coco water, Amber, Ylang-Ylang, Benzoin
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Alongside the classic reed diffusers, Aetherium has created an even more refined design, in the shape of a flower whose stem absorbs the essence that is then emanated from its wooden petals. A true tribute to the grace and elegance of the spaces where these diffusers will become authentic décor accessories. The flasks, of exclusive design, have been carefully crafted by Aetherium’s creator and are enclosed in an elegant, high quality casing.
All products are made in Italy.

How to use

How to use flower:

Insert the whole stem of the flower up to the peduncle into the glass bottle with perfume. The flower will gradually absorb the fragrance. Osmose of the home fragranze will start perfume within 24 hours

How to use reeds:

Insert all reeds provided in the glass bottle with perfume. Do not use less number of reeds than how many are provided. At the first use it is necessary to leave the reeds absorb fragrance and then switch them, at least once a day.



The duration depends on the space, the dimensions, the ceiling height, the currents of air or the temperature that can accelerate the evaporation and reduce the perfume.
Do not place the perfume near heat sources or in direct sunlight. To keep the intensity of the fragrance we require switching the reeds periodically, at least 1 time per day and keep the level of the fragrance at least to the half of the bottle.
To increase the intensity we recommend use our spray nebulizer available for each reference.


  • 250 ml perfumes the space up to 100 mq.
  • 3000 ml perfumes the space up to a 500 mq.
    (the reeds has a lenght of  75 cm.)